About Sherri McDonald

ShadowsSherri McDonald is a Paper Collage Artist, Bookbinder and Educator. Surrounded by the colossal beauty of Southeast Alaska, she is challenged to interpret it using paper as her palette. Her collages capture the ever changing vista that mountains, ocean and sky continuously present: this is the passion she calls Paper Landscapes.

Her love for art and crafts began at her grandmother’s kitchen table which started a life in the arts. She attended the University of Minnesota where she studied lithography and paper making. After graduating, she began a bookbinding career apprenticing under a Japanese style bookbinder, Karen Saro, in Stevenson, Washington. Afterwards she moved to Austin, Texas where she continued her career in bookbinding at a hand bindery called BookLab, until she moved to Juneau, Alaska in 1997. It was here she had the opportunity to start her own bookbinding business. Her paper collage landscapes evolved as cover designs for her handmade books and took on a life of their own. Paper Mountain Studio best fits her business name because of her love addiction with paper that she depicts her world through.

If you are looking for her… just follow the paper trail.

Or send email.